Transforming the most seductive “underminer of civilization”…

70 years ago, a sociology professor named Pitirim Sorokin predicted the collapse of Western civilization.

Or, at least, he showed us what to look out for when it was actually happening.

When any cultural system enters the final stage of disintegration, he explained, it first enters into a state of inversion.

It begins to contradict itself, succumbing to an incomprehensible buffet of word salad, inner conflicts, ambivalence, and mixed feelings about everything generally but nothing in specific.

As a result, the fringes of society, consciously or not, begin to develop a fascination with…

The guide to kissing the devil on his crusty lips

All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.
- Carl Jung

Follow the artists.

You can always tell what neighborhoods are up-and-coming by asking the locals one simple question…

Where are the artists?

Real estate developers even have a name for it… “the SoHo effect.”

It harkens back to 1970s SoHo, when the neighborhood was a trash-littered post-manufacturing bohemian hideaway.

Yet, what was once a (weird and vibrant) artist enclave now boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

Wherever the artists go, culture is sure to follow.

The reason? It’s simple. The artists are…

Golden Age or Bust!

Managing editor, ABRAXAS

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